These are unusual times. These poets are tale-tellers of their world.                  (All rights reserved.)
ISBN 978-1-939426-03-1
21st Century Chinese Poetry, No. 7 (APR 2013)

This issue features the poetry of Wang Zhiguo 王志国, Li Yun 李云(七月的海), Song Huiyuan 宋惠元(柳思), Yi Youxi 伊有喜, Li Li 离离, Chilechuan 敕勒川, Liu Quan 流泉, and Li Tong 李桐.

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Wang Zhiguo 王志国

Li Yun 李云

  • At the Great Temple, Paying Respects to Ziya  |  太公祠,拜谒子牙
  • Fall  |  在秋天
  • Moon in the Sky  |  仰望月亮

Song Huiyuan 宋惠元(柳思)

  • Please Have Tea with Me Tomorrow  |  明天我要请你喝茶
  • Love You a Pound  |  爱你正好有一斤
  • I Made Breakfast for My Darling Self  |  给心爱的自己做一份早餐
  • In the Plum Garden  |  在梅园
  • Year of the Snake  |  生肖蛇

Yi Youxi 伊有喜

Li Li 离 离

Chilechuan 敕勒川

Liu Quan 流泉

Li Tong 李桐

From 21st Century Chinese Poetry, No. 7

  • The moon glows like white sheep
  • lying above the heart of the great land,
  • a night of grazing on the snowy hill,
  • messing up the earth’s pretty clothing.
  • — Wang Zhiguo, Spring Wind Ballad

  • Well, conferring titles,
  • bestowing Grace,
  • going fishing - - -
  • all were great affairs,
  • and all were little incidents.
  • In the blink of an eye,
  • they have passed down the years.
  • — Li Yun, At the Great Temple, Paying Respects to Ziya*

  • Four tenths cooked rice, three tenths vegetables,
  • two tenths beans, one tenth meat
  • is my unvarying life.
  • .
  • Domestic life, fully itemized.
  • I love you too, up to a pound.
  • — Song Huiyuan, Love You a Pound

  • The entire summer
  • they grow bigger and are crowned with leaves,
  • amassing energy,
  • upward, upward, upward!
  • Then autumn arrives
  • and they can no longer stay full.
  • In the autumn wind,
  • they topple to the east,
  • they lean to the west,
  • followed by loud crackling noises.

    — Yi Youxi, My Words to Autumn

  • No matter what, he and I needed to talk.
  • Though it hurt to touch the grass,
  • to watch the ants march up and carry away
  • grains of rice and fruit morsels. I said to myself
  • that he was here and accepted
  • my deference and concession.
  • — Li Li, We Needed to Talk

  • Not a trace of sky, earth, or ax.....
  • They have nothing to do with it anymore.
  • All the faults were smoothed out and polished,
  • it looks like a timeless flower.
  • — Chilechuan, A Carved Wooden Chair

  • Satin luxury
  • showcases the world's exterior beauty,
  • but a spirit moves through its earthly veins,
  • connected with small forests
  • of skeleton trees.
  • — Liu Quan, Odes to Mountains and Rivers

  • --- A lot of dissatisfaction is festering inside of me,
  • a little of it turns into busy actions
  • just like one tender little tree.
  • Loose leaves fill the street but lose people’s attention.
  • Seasons change. As for me, a woman making a living from the wind.
  • It’s - - - Oh, Wind - - - truly you are my sustenance.
  • — Li Tong, Urgent Autumn Wind