These are unusual times. These poets are tale-tellers of their world. Their poems are for real people.

The Editor-and-Translator Team


Poetry is all about Life.

Since the publication of our Number 15, we have experienced a lot of it.

Meifu moved from the Atlantic to the Pacific;

she opened a business near Seattle, and hosted the Silk Road Artists there;

she traveled in China, and had discussions with the editors of China’s Poetry Journal (诗刊)regarding translation.

Mike Soper, a co-translator, survived cancer and published a few more books.

Peter Micic, another co-translator, roamed China in search of folk music and tea.

We have all been writing and translating poetry.

We have stayed in touch with every intention of re-introducing 21st Century Chinese Poetry to the English-speaking world.

We are happy to report our partnership with China's Poetry Journal (CPJ), a bi-weekly magazine of poetry, the oldest Chinese poetry journal in the country.

Every month CPJ editors provide us a set of poems from their latest publications for our team to screen and translate.

We call our team “Duck Yard Lyricists”, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Ugly Duckling.

Johan Ramaekers from Belgium, a song lyricist, has joined Duck Yard Lyricists.

We are making efforts that poetry, good poetry, gets passed around, to make sure the fire doesn't go out.

  Wang, Meifu 王美富

Ms. Wang is the founder, editor and co-translator of 21st Century Chinese Poetry.  Born in Taiwan, Meifu Wang earned her BA in foreign languages and world literature from National Taiwan University.  Her poetry has appeared in various Chinese literary journals.   Ms. Wang also earned Master's degrees in meteorology and in transport system design, and worked in these fields in Alaska and Washington D.C.   Meifu received a 2013 Henry Luce Foundation Fellowship for Chinese poetry translation for a residency at Vermont Studio Center.  In January 2016, she also accepted the appointment by Ningxia Province Poetry Society as its contracted literary translator. Meifu lives in Seattle.

Read Meifu's poem Dirt Road from No. 4.

Please send all enquiries, suggestions and corrections regarding 21st Century Chinese Poetry to Meifu Wang at:

  Michael Truman Soper 苏浪禹

Michael Soper was born 1946 in Washington DC. He was the last hot-metal apprentice typesetter in that city, and was intrigued by the challenges of word processing for Chinese character fonts. When the Washington Star newspaper ceased publication in early August 1981, he returned to college and did a major in business with a minor in computers. Michael went on to work for the US government as a printer, publications system manager, editor, and contracting specialist. He has been translating Chinese poetry for almost twenty years.

Michael has authored eleven books, most of which are poetry.

  Peter Micic

Peter Micic is a translator, poet, tea ambassador, explorer, musician, independent scholar and polyglot currently based in Taipei. Before arriving in Taiwan, he spent five years in Yunnan trekking across tea mountains writing and imbibing in oceans of tea. His articles, translations of poems and book reviews have appeared in international refereed journals and magazines. Peter holds a Ph.D in modern Chinese music history from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

  Johan Ramaekers 约翰

Born in Tongeren, Belgium, Johan Ramaekers is a lyricist, polyglot, and poet. He studied German philology at Ghent University (1986-1990) where he also majored in Dutch and English and co-founded a literary magazine called Parlando Furioso which literally means "Speaking Furiously." Johan is also a registered psychiatric nurse specializing in gerontology and dementia. He lives in Ghent, a city in the Flemish region of Belgium.