These are unusual times. These poets are tale-tellers of their world. Their poems are for real people.

The Editor-and-Translator Team

  Wang, Meifu 王美富

Ms. Wang is the founder, editor and co-translator of 21st Century Chinese Poetry.  Born in Taiwan, Meifu Wang earned her BA in foreign languages and world literature from National Taiwan University.  Her poetry has appeared in various Chinese literary journals.   Ms. Wang also earned Master's degrees in meteorology and in transportation engineering, and worked in these fields in Alaska and Washington D.C.   Meifu received a 2013 Henry Luce Foundation Fellowship for Chinese poetry translation for a residency at Vermont Studio Center.  In January 2016, she also accepted the appointment by Ningxia Province Poetry Society as its contracted literary translator. She lives in Hansville, Washngton and New York City.

Read Meifu's poem Dirt Road from No. 4.

  Michael Truman Soper 苏浪禹

Born in Washington, D.C. in 1946, Mr. Soper began writing poetry in high school, and studied creative writing, briefly, at UVA. Fascinated by Chinese character fonts, he began translating Chinese poetry almost 20 years ago. He was a submarine sailor during the Vietnam War, after that, a newspaper typesetter and night school student. His degree is in Business Administration. His career led from printing and publishing to contract management. He is retired, living in North Carolina with his wife, Mary Lou. He has published five books for Amazon Kindle devices and apps.

  Steven Townsend 唐晓飞

Born in the US, but spent considerable time in Europe as a child, Mr. Townsend writes poetry as well as translates poetry from French, Spanish, and Italian to English. He has published some of his poetic works as Kindle e-books. Mr. Townsend lives in New York City.

  Zhang Fanxiu 张凡修

Mr. Zhang Fanxiu was born 1958 in Hebei Province. He graduated from high school in 1975 and has been a farmer since then. He moved to the remote western region of Liaoning Province in 2007 and has since produced hundreds of poems that reveal great insights into nature, the land, and rural life. His works have appeared in various literary journals in China. He has also published three collections of poems: Writings from the Moors, The Spirit of the Earth, and Only the Earth.

Read Mr. Zhang's poem Mother’s Cotton Flowers from No. 6.

  Peter Micic

Peter Micic is a translator, poet, tea ambassador, explorer, musician, independent scholar and polyglot currently based in Taipei. Before arriving in Taiwan, he spent five years in Yunnan trekking across tea mountains writing and imbibing in oceans of tea. His articles, translations of poems and book reviews have appeared in international refereed journals and magazines. Peter holds a Ph.D in modern Chinese music history from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

  Joseph Chen (Web Support) 陈元夔

Joseph graduated from Oxford University with a chemistry degree. He has realized that his true passion is to automate things, and has daily visions of robotic overlords of the future. He's willing to help the robots evolve toward total dominance, by making smart software. Joseph lives near Seattle, Washington.