These are unusual times. These poets are tale-tellers of their world.                  (All rights reserved.)
ISBN 978-1-939426-18-5
21st Century Chinese Poetry, No. 14 (MAY 2015)

COMING SOON. This issue features the poetry of Zhang Fanxiu (Hebei Province), 张凡修(河北), Chen Min (Shaanxi Province), 陈敏(陕西),Liu Nian (Beijing), 刘年(北京),Ba Ling (Anhui Province), 八零 (安徽),Meifu Wang (Seattle,born Taiwan), 王美富 (西雅图,来自台灣).

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ZhangFanxiu 张凡修

Chen Min 陈敏

  • from At the Riverbank (A Series of Poems)  |  选自 在河岸(组诗)
  • ....Riparian Willows Grow on the Shoulders  |  岸柳长在肩膀上
  • ....Boat Unmoored  |  凭空的船
  • ....Once a Wharf  |  曾经的码头
  • ....First Man on the Road  |  早行的人
  • ....Passing Train  |  过路的列车

Liu Nian 刘年

  • At a Street Corner, Watching a Man Impersonating Michael Jackson  |  街头看人摹仿迈克尔·杰克逊
  • Pozhenzi  |  破阵子
  • Yang Opera  |  阳戏
  • Water Drops  |  水滴
  • All the Secrets of Life Are in the Water  |  世间所有的秘密,都在水里

Ba Ling 八零

  • Evening Repast  |  晚宴
  • Weekend  |  周末
  • A Circus  |  演出队
  • Suddenly Thinking of Liu Ling  |  忽然想到刘玲
  • Solitary Days  |  独居小记

Meifu Wang 王美富

  • Love Explained  |  爱的另一种解释
  • Cave by the Sea  |  海石
  • In Skagway  |  相会阿拉斯加
  • Song of Spring  |  春之歌
  • Song of Spring,2  |  春之歌,之二

From 21st Century Chinese Poetry, No. 14

  • The scarecrow doesn’t know what is happening.
  • The sound of the wind
  • does not reveal anything unusual.
  • .
  • But someone in a windbreaker comes to put a windbreaker on him.
  • She folded up his cuffs, leaving two fingernails out,
  • and buttons him up.
  • This flirting makes the wind blush,
  • turning red, turning white.
  • — Zhang Fanxiu, Howling Wind

  • The river, runs this way;
  • the river, runs that way, too.
  • Sometimes it isn’t called a river, but a riverbank.
  • The riverbank stands in the back all the time.
  • Where there is a sandbar,
  • riparian willows create a bit of decoration,
  • Springtime will be here soon.
  • .
  • She doesn’t have a long memory;
  • one morning she is in the north,
  • one morning she is in the south,
  • not at all steadfast.
  • — Chen Min, Riparian Willows Grow on the Shoulders

  • A man murdered by a man,
  • but he chose to point out the starry sky.
  • Concerning the ways of the world,
  • the cicada on the pagoda tree
  • and I share similar views, except
  • I wouldn’t dare such heart-and-lung-rending screams.
  • — Liu Nian, At a Street Corner, Watching a Man Impersonating Michael Jackson

  • and if you want sunlight, you can have it.
  • But when the curtain is pulled open,
  • the weekend is gone.
  • Where did it go? I don’t really worry about that.
  • I am thinking more about how it arrived
  • for our secret rendezvous,
  • limping and staggering,
  • a little down at heel, creased like the bottom of the curtain,
  • — Ba Ling, Weekend

  • Echoes come from a cave by the sea,
  • from its deepest chamber.
  • as if someone calls out like a thunder
  • with an open heart:
  • Come, come without fear.
  • Through these valleys, you will see a dreamland.
  • For whom is the whisper? Do you hear?
  • Do you hear the waves pushing over the seamounts to reach the cave.
  • I will wait until you come.
  • I will be waiting until you are here.
  • .
  • Some days the calls come in a whisper,
  • and the moon may look pale up the sky.
  • — Meifu Wang, Cave by the Sea