These are unusual times. These poets are tale-tellers of their world.                  (All rights reserved.)
ISBN 978-1-939426-07-9
Selected Poems of Song Huiyuan (10/2013)

This book contains 33 poems by Song Huiyuan 宋惠元(柳思).

Song Huiyuan lives in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. His lyrical poems are widely admired and have appeared in many poetry journals in China. Mr. Song has also published several poetry collections, including 《The Red Pillow》, 《The Crossing》, and 《Running with My Gender》. Mr. Song received the 2013 Henry Luce Foundation fellowship for a residency at Vermont Studio Center.

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  • The Shadow  |  影子
  • Believe Me  |  相信我
  • A Word Told Me He is Ready  |  这个词说他已经想好了
  • By the Lake  |  湖边
  • Geography  |  地理位置
  • Year of the Snake  |  生肖蛇
  • Home of an Old Comrade  |  知青旧居
  • Predictions of Snow Are Rarely Accurate  |  雪的预告总是不准的
  • Love You a Pound  |  爱你正好有一斤
  • A New Life  |  蕴育
  • Black Paper  |  黑纸
  • Today  |  今天
  • Fish on Blue and White Vase  |  鱼纹青花
  • The Fire  |  
  • End of Spring  |  最后的春天
  • Rock Skipping  |  打水漂
  • At the Bus Depot  |  3月16日在湖州客运中心
  • Because You Got Married  |  因为你们结婚了
  • I Spent a Year  |  我用一年的时间
  • We Will All Turn into Weeds  |  人都会变成草的
  • The Last Lilies  |  残荷
  • I am Afraid of Darkness  |  怕黑
  • KUAFU  |  夸父
  • Chinese-Style Family  |  中国式家庭
  • I Made Breakfast for My Darling Self  |  给心爱的自己做一份早餐
  • In the Same Dream with the Plum Flower  |  我和梅花的一场梦
  • In the Plum Garden  |  在梅园
  • On the Bus  |  在车上
  • My Love for You  |  爱你
  • Just As I Was Thinking  |  这样想着
  • Late Afternoon in the Village  |  傍晚
  • Dusk Sky  |  傍晚的天空
  • Noon  |  正午

From Selected Poems of Song Huiyuan

  • Predictions of Snow are Rarely Accurate
  • My wife said,
  • “Predictions of snow are rarely accurate.”
  • Just like on the day of my scheduled return,
  • my daughters are all waiting.
  • It was agreed that it would be yesterday,
  • but still no sign of it today.
  • Even if it does show up, in just a few days
  • all is melted, vanished.
  • “May as well be a no show,”
  • my wife said.
  • “Besides leaving the front door wet,
  • besides leaving every home-coming road wet,
  • what good is snow?
  • What good is snow? And it's so cold!”
  • I am not the dark side of you,
  • neither your burden,
  • more like your twin,
  • twin brother or sister.
  • The sun raises us
  • as his own children, but you take
  • grains and crops
  • from the cattle and the sheep;
  • as for me, I live only on
  • the milk of the moon.
  • Four tenths cooked rice, three tenths vegetables,
  • two tenths beans, one tenth meat
  • is my unvarying life.
  • Domestic life, fully itemized.
  • I love you too, up to a pound.
  • One tenth kindness, scorn,
  • two tenths getting together, breaking up,
  • three tenths not giving up, still leaves four tenths.
  • I am writing you a lyric poem.
  • Nothing compares to these four tenths,
  • I use four tenths to turn a thousand gold.