These are unusual times. These poets are tale-tellers of their world.                  (All rights reserved.)
ISBN 978-1-939426-09-3
21st Century Chinese Poetry, No. 11 (Jan 2014)

This issue features the poetry of WeiWei 围围(傅正洪), Li Zhiyong 李志勇, Li Longnian 李龙年, An Qi 安琪, Zhang Fanxiu 张凡修, Luo Ying 骆英 (黄怒波).

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WeiWei 围围(傅正洪)

  • The Zoo (Excerpt)  |  动物园

Li Zhiyong 李志勇

Li Longnian 李龙年

An Qi 安琪

  • Parting Before Daybreak  |  天不亮就分手
  • Look Back When You Feel Sad  |  悲伤时请想想过去
  • A Vain Search for the Green Buffalo  |  伏牛山寻青牛不遇
  • Two Lovers in the Ancient World  |  两个古人在相爱
  • The Yong-ho Lamasery  |  雍和宫
  • Ferry Ride  |  轮渡

Zhang Fanxiu 张凡修

  • I Own Darkness  |  我有黑暗
  • No Peace  |  不安
  • Autumn Wind is Cooling  |  秋风凉
  • The Hallway Wind  |  穿堂风

Luo Ying (Huang Nubo) 骆英 (黄怒波)

  • Distance from the World  |  与世界的距离
  • Mountain Legend, 1  |  山上的故事, 1
  • Mountain Legend, 2  |  山上的故事, 2
  • Mountain Legend, 3  |  山上的故事, 3
  • Mountain Legend, 4  |  山上的故事, 4
  • Mountain Legend, 5  |  山上的故事, 5

From 21st Century Chinese Poetry, No. 11

  • Thousands of mountains, not a bird in flight.
  • Solitary is the black heron,
  • walking from stem to stern, in the river and out, singing:
  • .
  • My wings are my rain cape,
  • my joy is boundless:
  • wearing my rain cape rain or shine.
  • My wings are my fish trap,
  • my joy is endless:
  • trapping fish day and night.
  • — WeiWei, Black Heron (from The Zoo)

  • Walking down the chilly street,
  • my empty pockets are like two houses,
  • you can almost feel the hands' loneliness.
  • .
  • No vehicles or trains go to destinations
  • such as my pockets, therefore these pockets will stay the same
  • for quite a long time. The trains go a long distance.
  • — Li Zhiyong, Wintertime

  • I always feel that fish
  • probably swim up the avenues, to the trees.
  • I catch the exhalations of shellfish
  • and the silver streaks of scabbard fish in the air.
  • Their palpi touch the leaves
  • for them to secrete tiny green bubbles.
  • .
  • An avenue of graceful trees.
  • I guess it has to do with sea fish.
  • The trees twist and twirl, like fish.
  • In fact, they breathe through the trees’ leafy lungs,
  • — Li Longnian, Peaceful Avenue

  • Didn't mean to revisit the old pigeonhole,
  • but in the crowded subway,
  • the tired faces reminded you of those cubbyholes
  • which you and many others called or still call home----
  • — An Qi, Look Back When You Feel Sad

  • I help to elongate the shadows.
  • I do.
  • ----“I own Darkness”. That persimmon tree is mine, too.
  • Earlier on,
  • because of the tall wall on its east side,
  • the morning light cannot reach the tree.
  • The tree has darkness, too.
  • Only in the afternoon, at four o’clock, the tree turns around,
  • bathes and combs and changes clothes, and puts on make-up.
  • — Zhang Fanxiu, I Own Darkness

  • By the sea tonight, I ponder my distance from the world.
  • To conduct a survey for it, my eyes follow the reflections of the stars
  • as they drift further out to the sea,
  • but they surprise me by rushing back like a school of fish.
  • In fact I would rather they turn into water chrysanthemums.
  • — Luo Ying, Distance from the World